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    User Registration & My Profile            
  Go to Login Menu and click Registration under Login Menu if you are first time user.  

Fill in all the required fields and click Save button on that form.


Please remember, billing address also going to be used as default location of the vehicles which you are going to post into system. If your billing address is Chicago, all the vehicles shown by the system posted from Chicago.


You are going to redirect to Login page after registering to system.

    User Login            
  Type your Username and password into proper text boxes.  
  You are going to redirect to Default page after login to system  
  You are going to get an error message if username and password does not match.  
  If this is the case, click Forget My Password hyperlink and type required information.  
  You are going to recieve your password next minute or so.  
  Try again with your Username and Password.  
    Security Question and Answer            
  If you forget your password, we will verify your identity by asking you your security question and answer.  
    Post Your Vehicle (Regular Posting - Free)    
  First, you need to register to AutoDirection.  
  Second, login to the site through your Username and Password.  
  You have couple of different option to do that.  
  You can click Sell main menu.  
  Or you can click Add Vehicle drop down menu through My Account main menu.  
  Both menu options take you to the Vehicle Categories page. Click (chose) proper category of your vehicle. Then you are going to redirect to Vehicle details page if you are login before. Otherwise, AutoDirection is going to redirect you to the login page.  
  Add your vehicles details, features, and pictures and hit save button.  
  You are going to redirect to My Vehicles page if all the information provided.  
  You are done. Your vehicle successfully posted to the site.  
    Post Your Vehicle (Hot List Posting – Only $0.49 / Day)    
  First, you need to register to AutoDirection.  
  Second, login to the site through your Username and Password.  
  Click Post My Vehicle to Hot List drop down menu through HotList main menu.  
  You are going to redirect Vehicle details page, which Add to HotList check box already checked.  
  Add your vehicles details, features, and pictures and hit save button.  
  You are going to redirect to the Checkout page.  
  Type all the information required and click process button.  
  You are going to be charged only $0.49 / Day.  
  You are done. Your vehicle successfully posted to the HotList.  
    Extend your Ad Period            
  Click to My Vehicle menu item which is under My Accountmenu item.  
  Then click update  
    Update Your Vehicle Info            
  To be able to update your vehicle(s) info first you need to log in to the site  
  Go to my vehicles pages from menu.  
  Click "update" link for specific vehicle.  
  Make your changes then click save button.  
    Upload & Update & Delete Images            
  Upload Images  (Only .JPEG or .GIF images)
Step 1. Type Image Name such as "front view".
Step 2. Click to Browse button.
Step 3. Go and find your image file, which might be jpeg or gif extension and located on your computer.
Step 4. After choosing the file you want to upload click Open button on "Chose File" pop-up window.
Step 5. You can see the entire path for the image file.
Step 6. Type description for the image. Such as "Front view of the car. It has some small scratches but nothing major" etc.
Step 7. Click Upload button.
Step 8. You can see the recently uploaded image after hitting Upload button (It might take couple of seconds to upload an image. This is also totally depends on your internet connection speed. .
  Update Images
Step 1. Select Image name from drop down list and follow the step as Upload Images section.
Step 2. You can change everything for that image.
  Delete Images
Step 1. Select the Image name you want to delete from Image name drop won list.
Step 2. You can change everything for that image.
  You can upload up to 5 images. Click Previous and Next button to scroll through images or chose the image name you want to see from drop down list.
    Simple Search            
    Simple search is located top left corner of the web site.  
  First, chose your category from drop down list such as "Car"  
  Then, type your search words such as 1998 Honda Civic  
  Click GO button  
    Advance Search            
    Advance search is located under My Account menu item.  
  You can refine your search based on the fields provided by the sytem.  
  For example if you like to see all Honda Civic in Montreal, Quebec  
  Chose Make and model and type Montreal in City textbox and chose QC as province.  
  Click GO.  
  If you want to norrow down your search, chose more option from the page.  
  If you want to see all the car on the system, just chose the category as Car and click Go button.  
    Search Result Diplay            
    Search result for Simple Seearch or Advance Search is displayed by row by row basis. Each row show one vehicle information. In the search result page there are different kind of options you can sort by, navigate, check pictures, see more details of the vehicle.  
    Sort By; This option available for advance search. You can sort by different column names such as Model, Price etc. Click column header see on action.  
    Navigation; You can use "Go to Page" drop down or Next and Previous buttons navigate through available pages.  
    Check Picture; Click camera icon to see the picture(s) of the vehicle.  
    More Details; Click "more details" to see the details of the vehicle.